Broadband in VT

Broadband in VT

"Broadband for All” is the goal for Vermont. Continuing efforts by statewide organizations, service providers, and state and federal funding mechanisms are moving us toward that goal. Universal access will mean equal opportunity to resources far beyond Vermont borders. It will provide a robust foundation on which to build -- for ourselves and our children. is a resource for the most recent news reports about progress in expanding broadband access.
Vermont organizations have developed broadband tools that support small businesses, rural school administrators, teachers and librarians as well as folks who are new to Internet use. Check out our Resource Room to find links to some of them.

What Does Broadband Mean For Vermonters?

Broadband for all Vermonters will strengthen the economy through access to new educational and professional opportunities both within our State and in far flung places in the world. With broadband technology, we can bring fresh ideas to new areas without leaving our quality of life.


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